Liberty OHM has become the standard for meth lab clean-up and testing in Oklahoma. We have worked with a wide range of clients, from homeowners and landlords to insurance adjusters and municipalities in getting their properties certified for re-occupancy. If contamination is suspected, call us before entering into real estate transactions, purchase agreements or rental property moves.

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Call us if your property has been and could have been:

  • Involved in a clandestine drug lab
  • Involved in recreational use of meth
  • Or if the historical use and activities of the property is unknown

Liberty OHM can assist you in the following work related to Meth/Drug labs:

  • Identify contaminants present (i.e. meth, mercury, lead, pH, hydrocarbon levels, etc.)
  • Measure concentrations of meth residues on surfaces
  • Perform surveys to meet city/municipal ordinances
  • Develop written reports/plans for decontamination
  • Provide contractors to clean up contamination
  • Provide final testing for ‚ÄúCertificates of Decontamination and Re-Occupancy”

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