Indoor Air Quality Testing

Do you have a concern that would require indoor air quality testing? At Liberty Occupational Health Management, we are experienced at maintaining optimal indoor air quality in buildings, homes, and work environments. Give us a call for quick response and cost-effective solutions to your building’s air quality issues.

Our safety and health management services include a helpful inspection of your indoor air quality. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) contaminants can include anything from mold, bacteria, and other allergens to concentrated levels of chemical fumes or other airborne impurities.

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We work with a diverse group of people to remedy indoor air quality problems all across Oklahoma. Realtors, government agencies, building managers, homeowners, and attorneys trust Liberty OHM to target ventilation issues, mold problems, and isolate airborne contaminants. Within a few days of our inspection, you’ll receive an easy-to-read report that summarizes any problem areas and lists cost-effective ways to fix the problem.

Our Indoor Air Quality services include:

  • Comprehensive Sampling/Inspection of Residential, Commercial & Industrial Sites
  • Source/Origin Diagnosis
  • Turn-Key Restoration
  • Project Abatement Plans & Oversight During Restoration Activities
  • 3rd Party Evaluations
  • Emergency Response Coordination for Water & Storm Damage Emergencies by 3rd Party Contractors

Does Air Quality Matter?

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that indoor air quality (including air in homes and businesses) can be more unhealthy than outdoor air in the most polluted and industrialized cities. When you take into consideration that most people spend the majority of their lives indoors, these facts point to the critical importance of indoor air quality in homes, offices, public buildings, restaurants, industrial sites, and other work environments.

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