Liberty OHM has demonstrated experience in the management of environmental health and safety issues when a major disaster or flood disrupts business operations. While we specialize in big disasters and floods we also have demonstrated experience with plumbing and sewage leaks. Liberty has managed floods of all sizes for major hospitals, universities and commercial businesses across Oklahoma.

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Some of the specific tasks we can assist our clients with include

  • Perform initial risk assessment identifying affected areas and make recommendations for initial response (dry, sanitization, isolation of hazardous areas, etc.).
  • Perform testing for biohazards, mold and bacteria issues throughout the restoration.
  • Develop project specifications for restoration.
  • Provide quality assurance monitoring and oversight of contractors during restoration.
  • Provide certifications and clearance of areas suitable for re-occupancy.
  • Assist client with claims related to Loss with insurance adjuster teams and consultants.

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