Occupational Health Consulting for Clinics

At Liberty OHM, we keep clinics of all sizes operating safely and effectively. Come to us for full-service environmental consulting services, including infection control consulting, developing plans to minimize healthcare-associated infections (HAI), assessing the physical environment of your clinic (including indoor air quality, potential safety hazards, and more).

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Our mission of “Protecting People’s Health” is demonstrated in the extra care we take when assessing facilities serving the most vulnerable people, including people with health conditions and the healthcare providers who take care of them. Our team of experienced environmental contractors will ensure that everything about your clinic’s environment promotes health and healing, so you and your team can focus on helping patients.

Come to Liberty OHM for:

  • OSHA, CDC, and other Compliance Consulting
  • Infection control consulting for clinics
  • Safety audits
  • Laboratory safety and management
  • Environmental risk assessment
  • Indoor air quality assessment
  • Complete environmental assessment: clinic safety plans, chemical hazard assessment, respiratory protection measures, lab waste disposal, blood-borne pathogen prevention plans, and more.
  • Proven programs to minimize healthcare-associated infections (HAI)
  • Emergency response for clean up of flooding, spills, and other disasters in healthcare facilities

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