Industrial Hygiene and Safety Consulting for the Warehousing Industry

Warehousing presents unique challenges and requirements in the Manufacturing & Construction Industry, including determining and maintaining correct storage plans and equipment, constantly updating inventory, and performing the vast range of logistics services necessary to effectively receive, log, label, track, and send warehoused items.

When it comes to keeping your Warehouse safe for employees and visitors, Liberty OHM has a plan for your operation. We specialize in customizing safety and compliance plans for your unique environment that will keep your company fully in compliance with all OSHA rules, regulations, laws, and standards. In addition to drawing up a plan, we can help you fully implement and update the plan as needed to maintain compliance to changing safety standards.

Our safety and compliance plans will:

  • Help you maintain employee, client, and visitor safety
  • Keep you in compliance with government regulations
  • Save your business money by eliminating non-compliance fines
  • Greatly reduce the risk of injury claims and lawsuits
  • Protect valuable inventory from damage

Liberty OHM is also fully capable of dealing with any disaster management that may arise, working quickly to contain hazardous or dangerous materials and getting you back to business as usual in as little time as possible.

Visit our Contact Us page to request more information about designing a Warehousing safety compliance plan and disaster management needs. Our highly educated and trained team of professionals is ready to serve you.

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