In the multi-step process of Metal Recycling, a wide range of potential hazards and dangers are present. OSHA has created guidelines for safety and compliance that seek to protect employees and workers via careful training and education. This prevents individuals from suffering from needless hazards or injury, and guards companies against lawsuits.

Liberty OHM is fully equipped to work with you to create, design, and implement the kind of safety plans that will keep you fully compliant with governmental regulations while ensuring worker, client, and environmental safety.

Our metal recycling safety and compliance plans will:

  • Help you maintain employee, client, and consumer safety
  • Keep you in compliance with government regulations
  • Save your business money by eliminating non-compliance fines
  • Greatly reduce the risk of injury claims and lawsuits

Liberty OHM is also fully equipped to deal with unexpected emergencies or disasters should they arise.

Our educated and experienced team of professionals hold numerous degrees and hundreds of hours of hands-on training and on-the-job problem solving in the metal recycling industry. Visit our Contact Us page today to request more information about how Liberty OHM can help you design and implement safety and compliance strategies for your metal recycling company that work for you.

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