Manufacturing industrial parts requires that your workers and employees will operate powerful equipment and may handle sometimes-hazardous materials. Employee training in the safe use of such equipment, tools, and materials is of paramount importance.

Liberty OHM can help you develop a company-wide safety and compliance plan for your manufacturing floors. Our plans allow you to protect workers, clients, and the surrounding environment while also remaining in compliance with all OSHA laws, standards, regulations, and rules.

Our safety and compliance plans

  • Help you maintain employee and client safety
  • Keep you in compliance with government regulations
  • Save your business money by eliminating non-compliance fines
  • Greatly reduce the risk of injury claims and lawsuits

In addition, Liberty OHM has vast experience in containing and cleaning up industrial accidents that require quick response times as well as targeted, effective containment solutions. We’re ready to respond to your call any time day or night.

Liberty OHM’s management is comprised of a team of experienced individuals fully educated in safety compliance and disaster management. Contact us to request more information about how we can help you and your business keep your valued employees safe while saving time and money.

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