Keeping You and Your Team Safe

A culture of safety is of vital importance on any construction site. Careless or untrained workers pose dangers to themselves and others, often leading to site or equipment damage and worker injury—or even fatalities.

Liberty OHM specializes in developing plans for Construction Sites that ensure adequate worker training, safety, and other precautions that meet and exceed OSHA standards. We will also help train your employees in proper procedures for a safe working environment through developing, implementing, and managing the kind of safety culture that will not only reduce the risk of injury to your workers but save you time and money.

Our safety and compliance plans will:

  • Help you maintain employee and client safety
  • Keep you in compliance with government regulations
  • Save your business money by eliminating non-compliance fines
  • Help prevent costly damage to equipment and materials
  • Greatly reduce the risk of injury claims and lawsuits

Our team of experienced professionals is fully trained and educated in safety compliance and in inspecting working conditions. We also create written safety programs you can use in training employees.

Contact Us today to request more information about how we can help you create a safety plan and culture for your Construction Site. We look forward to serving you.

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