Worker and environmental safety are two crucial aspects in the Manufacturing and Construction industry. Liberty OHM can act as the “point man” for your company, ensuring that all OSHA and other governmental regulations are met and exceeded, even as laws and regulations change and evolve. To that end, we specialize in the development, implementation, and management of a safety culture that works for you.

Reliable Experience and Education

page-constructionWith a quarter of a century of experience working with organizations in Oklahoma and around the country, we can help you create and maintain a safety compliance plan that protects your workers, your clients, and the environment.

In addition, we meet your needs for managing disasters in challenging environments where a quick response time is of the essence.

Our experience and clear expertise in both the planning and implementation of tailored safety programs and cleaning up of emergencies has saved our clients millions of dollars. Let Liberty OHM help you ensure safety and compliance in your industry.

We work with the Manufacturing and Construction Industry to plan and manage:

  • A fully monitored workplace that is in full compliance with all applicable OSHA standards, rules, and regulations, including creating and applying appropriate signs, labels, posters, floor markings, and color codings to warn employees and clients of hazardous conditions or materials
  • A system to ensure that employees are taught and follow necessary safety procedures with tools and materials and that changes are clearly reported to employees and workers
  • Quick and efficient responses to emergencies and disasters that impact worker, client, and/or environmental health and well-being

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