page-governmentIn government buildings that are highly populated during the workday—and often into the night—it is vastly important that occupants remain safe from preventable hazards. These hazards can include toxic materials such as asbestos, lead paint, mold and mildew, questions of building integrity, and the failure to have fully implemented emergency evacuation routes and procedures. Our job at Liberty OHM is to help you ensure that your government building or school is in full compliance with all OSHA and other governmental regulations and laws.

Employees, workers, and students are entitled to going about their business in a safe and clean environment. Since 1989, that’s what the experienced and highly educated team at Liberty OHM have been working for, “because people are worth protecting.”

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Safety Management

Developing a lasting culture of safety among workers, employees, and building occupants is an important aspect of safety management. We will help you design a safety plan that is customized to your building(s), working to implement a strong culture of safety through effective ongoing training of managers, workers, and employees.

Compliance Issues

OSHA regulations, rules, laws, and standards are stringent, which demands a focused, knowledgeable, and flexible approach in order to remain fully compliant. We can help you satisfy these standards before or after OSHA inspectors show up to look at your building, and our customized safety plans will keep you ahead of compliance parameters going forward. This will further prevent worker or occupant injury as well as save you money in non-compliance fines and injury claims and lawsuits.

Disaster Management

The Disaster Management team at Liberty OHM is fully equipped to handle emergency situations and disasters that arise in challenging environments, working quickly to get things back to normal and safe conditions. For 25 years, we’ve provided our diverse group of customers with experienced consulting services along with swift response times.


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