Serving 30 Industries and Counting

At Liberty OHM, we provide consulting services to over 30 industries in the private and public sector. We partner with businesses, organizations, and individuals to assist in the development and execution of site-specific environmental solutions. We also provide emergency flooding, cleanup, and de-contamination services.

Whether you’re a hospital administrator or an individual homeowner, we get the job done. Underlying everything we do is a unwavering commitment to our motto: because people are worth protecting!

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Do we serve your industry?

From Fortune 500 companies, to government agencies, to individual homeowners, we provide industrial hygiene and safety consulting services to clients in nearly every industry. We work with schools, banks, churches, government and State agencies, insurance companies and claims adjusters, real estate agents, warehousing operations, utilities companies, petroleum and oil companies, laboratories, restaurants, chemical manufacturers, and more. Our management team of educated professionals have saved our clients millions of dollars by delivering expertise in environmental consulting and safety compliance issues.

Our clients value the knowledge and experience we provide, and the peace of mind we bring. All experts at Liberty OHM hold a degree or advanced degree within the occupational health, safety or environmental sciences field. Each team member has the experience and education to handle multiple management projects, disciplines, and contractors while protecting the health and safety of everyone involved.

Safety Management

Our safety management team specializes in developing, implementing and managing a safety culture. We will assess your company’s safety needs and guide you through the implementation of a new, customized safety program. We will help you meet your goal of protecting your employees and the clients you serve.

Compliance Issues

We keep up to date on all OSHA regulations in your industry and will provide accurate analysis on your site’s needs. Many companies call us once OSHA shows up, knowing we know how to handle any situation. Other companies stay ahead of the game by contracting with us to perform regular inspections, so they can avoid costly government shutdowns or workplace injuries. All compliance issues are dealt with in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Disaster Management

Liberty OHM effectively manages disasters in challenging environments where time is of the essence. Since 1989, we’ve provided our diverse group of customers with experienced consulting services and quick response times.


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