Occupational Health in your Workplace

An Occupational Health Consultant can work with your company on the proper safety techniques to keep your employees safe in the workplace. Each employee will be observed through their daily duties to ensure each step is performed in a safe manner. Many workplaces can increase safety exponentially by implementing certain procedures without impacting productivity. The workers are also healthier and are able to properly perform their duties. Companies have a financial interest in keeping their employees healthy and working productively to ensure deadlines are met with certain production levels.

Liberty Occupational Health Management, Inc. has many qualified consultants that can take samples or measurements of various things in the workplace. For instance, the indoor air quality may be tested to ensure employees are breathing air that is safe. Some environments require respirators or full face masks due to poor air quality. Ventilation may also need to be tweaked for the proper circulation for a healthy environment. Affects from poor air quality can lead to headaches, illness, or worse.

Equipment will be inspected for proper working condition and may require maintenance to ensure it functions in a safe, predictable manner. Surfaces may be tested for the presence of hazardous chemicals or asbestos. Often, multiple samples will be taken and set to a lab for testing. Prolonged exposure can cause lasting effects and it is important to identify problematic areas as quickly as possible. If any areas are found to need further attention, the Occupational Health Consultant can be a resource for potential solutions.

Click here to contact Liberty Occupational Health Management to visit your company. The onsite inspection is crucial to identify any pressing needs. The Consultant can increase worker productivity by decreasing employee absences and equipment downtime. Insurance cost or workers compensation could also decrease as a result of hiring Liberty OHM. A high number of worker accidents and injuries could lead to a visit by OSHA. The Occupational Health Consultant should be the company’s representative during these visits. The company could receive costly fines if the proper answers are not provided.

For the various reasons listed above, it is absolutely crucial to work with Liberty OHM to address any outstanding issues and ensure your company is doing its part. Employees rely on the company to provide a healthy work environment while they perform their daily job responsibilities. Working with Liberty OHM is the first step to providing the proper working environment.

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