Inhaling Healthy Air at Work

The office environment is complex when carefully considered. Think of how many people are in your office and how close in proximity they are to one another. The importance of healthy air inside that environment becomes more apparent. Employees also share that space also with machines, equipment, or computers that generate heat and further complicate the environment.
Unhealthy environments can be easily identified when it is difficult to breath or musty. More challenging signs of unhealthy air inside could be when one employee is ill, other employees are also affected; or if employees complain of headaches while in the workplace. Each is a sign of poor indoor air quality. Liberty Occupational Health Management can work with your company to ensure the Indoor Air Quality at your office is healthy. This professional has specialized equipment that is capable of detecting particulates in the air or gas levels.
A huge component of indoor air quality is the ventilation system that is put into place. The ventilation is typically one of the last areas of focus while constructing the building and the ventilation should be capable of bringing outside air into and throughout the facility. The temperature should also be appropriately regulated based on the type of work being conducted inside the facility. Regardless of the outside temperature, the ventilation system should be able to regulate the temperature indoors to remain consistent year round.
Liberty OHM will take readings of each area in the facility to ensure uniformity and the appropriate amount of ventilation. Some workers in areas of the facility may require additional ventilation based on the type of work being done. Painters should work in booths to ensure other areas are not contaminated with the aerosols used in their work.
Click here to contact Liberty Occupational Health Management to work with your company to establish healthy indoor air quality for your facility. Each facility comes with unique challenges and should be individually evaluated to ensure the area is healthy for all employees present. Each area should be appropriately vented with circulating air to ensure gas does not build up. Offices are complex environments that present many challenges. Indoor Air Quality can keep your employees healthier while working on the job. Healthy employees are more productive and do not miss work as frequently. This can directly impact your company’s bottom line and makes good business sense to protect the employees at the facility each and every day.

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