Importance of Disaster and Flood Management

Disaster and Flood Management can save your company valuable time during the recovery process by preparing for the setback in advance. The exact timing of when a disaster will occur is not always know in advance, but knowing that the disaster will occur at some point will allow your company to be ready when the time comes. Once the event has occurred, it can be a daunting task to begin the recovery process. The situation requires swift and deliberate action to avoid unnecessary delays in recover.
Liberty Occupational Health Management can work with your company to establish a Disaster and Flood Management plan to prepare your company. Preparations taken now will streamline the recovery process and outline each step that needs to be taken along the way. Liberty OHM will visit your company to assess the potential obstacles that could be faced. Each person will know their responsibilities during and after a disaster or flood.
Floods can be particularly challenging as the damages is not always superficial. Areas that have been flooded should be inspected by the Liberty OHM to determine what needs to be removed to restore sanitary conditions. Often times, dry wall will absorb the water and the insulation behind the drywall will absorb the water up the wall, higher than the flood level. The insulation will then hold the water within the walls similar to a sponge. If the insulation is not removed, mold may begin to grow and cause more setbacks in the recovery process.
Liberty Occupational Health Management can identify these potential dangers and tailor a Disaster and Flood Management plan for your company. Each plan will outline who will be needed to be called in to help with the recovery efforts. The contacts will be established in advanced so the team is ready to spring into action and decrease the recovery time needed to restore operational conditions. The longer your company takes to recover the more revenue that is lost due to unfulfilled orders and the more money spent for the recovery process as the facility continues to deteriorate. Click here to contact Liberty Occupational Health Management to work with your company today. The efforts taken to prepare your company for a Disaster or Flood will pay dividends when the event happens. Not every disaster or flood is predictable, but planning for the event can give your company a competitive advantage and improve the time it takes to recover.

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