Focusing Your Company on Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety is an important factor for many different industries. Air, water, and soil emissions from the production of your company’s products may require special considerations prior to starting the production process. Liberty Occupational Health Management can focus your company on the appropriate Environmental Health and Safety actions to be taken.
Liberty OHM can help develop a systematic approach to managing the different emissions your company has during the production process. Each emission must meet certain environmental regulations set for by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These guidelines must be followed at all times or large fines may be issued. Monitoring equipment to monitor emissions must be selected, set up and properly maintenance to ensure working order. Environmental Permits may allow be required based on the type and volume of emissions produced.
The customer base the product is sold to may also value your corporate policies and steps to ensure Environmental Health and Safety at your facility. Each customer votes with their purchasing power and abusers of the Environment can incur stiff penalties by losing business with customers that do not support their policies. Reducing the carbon footprint of the entire company allows the company to remain efficient with costs. A reduction of excess waste allows the company to utilize more of their supplies purchased.
Noise can often be overlooked as a part of Environmental Health and Safety by the company. Large noise produced can damage the hearing of the employees within the facility and upset the surrounding communities. The company should be cognizant of the level of noise emissions being released and the damaging effects that can be incurred.
Click here to contact Liberty Occupational Health Management to focus on your company’s Environmental Health and Safety. The steps taken by the company today can yield a safer working environment for the employees of tomorrow. The benefits will be seen with a consistent and efficient production time frame. Employees will benefit from the improved working conditions at the facility. The surrounding communities will enjoy the company’s reduced carbon footprint. The company will ensure that the EPA does not issue costly fines or shut down production at the facility due to discovered violations. Each area improves by taking the time now to focus on Environmental Health and Safety. Companies have a duty to ensure they do not create dangerous environments for the surrounding community or for the employees that work day after day at the facility.

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