Controlling Risk on the Jobsite

Risk does not have to be a serendipitous event that one might initially conclude. Some risk is controllable, and that control starts by conducting a Risk Assessment. The Risk Assessment can lead the company to implementing a Risk Management Program to reduce risk, or eliminate it altogether.

Liberty Occupational Health Management has the training and skill set to visit your facility. The onsite visit allows qualitative and quantitative data to be collected. The information will be compiled in a detailed report that outlines areas of exposure to risk. That information can then be used to create a proactive defense against the unnecessary risk. For instance, if an area is prone to flooding, then different solutions can be used to protect the facility against a flood in the future. The solution can vary widely from creating an elevated facility to building a physical barrier around the facility in the event of a flood.

The solution may be an initial investment by the company, but one averted event can make up for any amount initially invested. Cost can rise quickly when adding cost of repairs, missed sales, loss of customer faith in the company’s ability to produce goods in a timely manner, missed man hours. These costs can quickly overshadow the cost to prepare for the even and mitigate damages incurred.

Risk does not have to be Environmental; some risk can be from employees that are not properly trained. Training should be conducted in periodic intervals to keep the information relevant to the employee. New policies should be frequently discussed so the employee understands the company’s expectations.

The Risk Management plan can vary between companies widely and it is critical to start the Risk Assessment as soon as possible to start gaining the benefits of the Risk Management plan. Click here to contact Liberty Occupational Health Management to start working with your company today. The scientific process can avert some instances of risk completely. Setbacks from worker injury caused by equipment or the environment can have a devastating effect on the company. It is crucial to begin the journey of Risk Management before another unnecessary risk occurs. Not all risks are avoidable, but any missed catastrophes can determine the success of any company. The company can take the necessary steps today to ensure a better tomorrow. The Risk Management plan should be revisited on a periodic basis to ensure all the steps are being taken to protect the company and employees.

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