Continuing Safety Advancement through Industrial Hygiene Monitoring

Ongoing Industrial Hygiene Monitoring can improve the safety and working conditions for each employee at your facility. Your company does not have to lead the charge alone. Liberty Occupational Health Management can work with your company moving forward to account for procedural or equipment changes that are updated on a regular basis.
Industrial Hygiene Monitoring by Liberty Occupational Health Management starts with an onsite visit to your facility to assess any and all hazards present. Each will be carefully documented by Liberty OHM and compiled into a detailed report. The report will have specific concerns with implementable methods to improve the safety the employees. Some observations take additional resources to correctly assess the situation. Workers may be asked to wear monitoring equipment that is later collected and analyzed. This would give an accurate account for the different environments the employee is subjected to on a daily basis.
Safety Equipment should be closely monitored to ensure proper working condition and fit for each employee. For instance, respirators should have the correct type of filters installed to protect against the specific environment the employee is working in. The fit of the respirator may change as the employee losses or gains weight over time. The straps could become damaged with extensive use and need to be replaced to ensure proper fit. Each consideration will be carefully scrutinized through ongoing Industrial Hygiene Monitoring.
Liberty Occupational Health Management can be called in by your company to operate as a consultant and evaluate the specific needs of your company based on the type of operations or production at the facility. This expert can be your company’s guide to ensure the employees are being protected and compliance with OSHA mandates. OSHA could issue costly fines and perform extensive and frequent checks for any companies that do not comply with their requirements and policy. As OSHA issues updates or additional requirements, Liberty OHM can work with your company to ensure compliance and that your company remains current moving forward.
Click here to contact Liberty Occupational Health Management to work with your company and begin the process of Industrial Hygiene Monitoring. The workers will be safer on the jobsite and the company will enjoy a reduction of worker compensation claims and improved productivity. A company that focuses on safety can help ensure their success moving forward. Advancements are continually made and Liberty OHM ensures your company can benefit from raising the bar on safety.

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